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Sam Menza

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Hello, I’m a web developer based out of Brooklyn, NY who has a passion for all things technology and design. Being a fullstack developer allows me to give clients top notch UX/UI with streamlined well written and efficient code. I have years of experience building a variety of web sites and applications for a diverse set of companies and clients. I work everyday with technologies including javascript, typescript, html/css, node, express, angular, and dojo.






Software Developer


February 2019 - April 2021

Brooklyn, NY

Designed, built, and optimized custom software applications as a software development consultant.

Senior Fullstack Web Developer


January 2017 - February 2019

Portland, OR

Currently working as a senior web developer for Cigna's Clinical Integrations Team. My day to day duties include directing application development, developing the application architecture, and coding/maintaining the application's front end code base. My current project is an async messaging application that will soon be offered on

Fullstack Web Developer


January 2017 - Present

Portland, OR

I was the front end lead developer and back end developer for the application my team and I built with angular, angular material, nodejs, typescript, express, and mongodb.

Data Visualization Developer


July 2015 - December 2016

New York, NY

Designed and developed the first in browser data visualizations for Cigna's big data team. Visualizations were designed using omnigraffle and created using html, css, javascript, d3.js, and node. I also created and implemented the new design for big data analytics information hub. I designed the hub with omnigraffle and implemented it with angular, webpack, and angular material.

Web Developer / Web Master

Huskytech at UConn

January 2014 - May 2015

Storrs, CT

Coded and designed HuskyTech public knowledgebase and home site. The knowledgebase serves as a reference and FAQ for HuskyTech’s clients. Sites were created using wordpress with a backend of mysql.

Studied Digital Media and Computer Science

University of Connecticut

August 2010 - May 2015

Storrs, CT

Bachelor degree in Digital Media and Design, minor in Computer Science

Some of my work


Icollaborate is a web application I built for Cigna that is used to help alert customers of their gaps in health care and empower them to make the next steps in their treatment.

typescript node mongodb express swagger mongoose angular

Data Hub

The data hub is the central location for all things big data at Cigna. It allows users to view data from the data lake (HGFS) as well as act as a host of other various data driven visualizations.

angular webpacknode javascriptangular material

Data Visualizations

I designed and built various data visualizations for Cigna to provide business driven insights using data from the data lake (HGFS). Visualizations were made with javascript using the frameworks d3.js and angular. Visualizations included things such as creating a provider network referral graph that highlighted referrals made by providers that were out of network.

javascript d3 angular node

Huskytech Website

Huskytech was Uconn’s school IT service that serviced student computers. Huskytech was looking to overhaul there entire site so I designed and rebuilt a new site using photoshop for mockups and a custom wordpress theme for implementation.

php wordpress illustrator photoshop

Common-place is a online scholarly journal for exchanging ideas about early American society and culture. This site was completely redesigned and rebuilt from ground up using wordpress.

php wordpress illustrator photoshop

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Interactive Media Wall

The digital media wall was installed in the Boston Children’s Hospital to help children regain a sense of control and happiness in an often stressful environment. I volunteered to design and code one of interactive scenes for the digital wall. I used unity and monodevelop for my implementation.

javascript unity monodevelop

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